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Masato Katsuyama


Okikamuro island, roots

Close relationship between Okikamuro Tomozawa Family and Agenosho Aoki Family

Masato Katsuyama    received Oct. 28th, 2018


 As I reported previously, Moto Tomozawa, the wife of Hikoshichi VIII, was originally from the family of So-etsu Aoki, a medical doctor in Agenosho. Based on old records concerning the Aoki Family, I found that Ishizaki/Tomozawa Family and Aoki Family had been related by marriage for several generations. I think this has some relations to a legend that Kanzaemon-I Ishizaki had lived in Agenosho before settling to Okikamuro.

 These facts were described most in detail in “Aoki-shi Keiryaku (A Family Tree of the clan’s doctor, Aoki Family)” owned by Yamaguchi Prefectural Archives and “Shusuke Aoki” (Dr. Shusuke Aoki Honoring Association, 1941). In addition, a few descriptions were found also in Ishizaki Keifu (A Family Tree of Okikamuro Ishizaki Family), Tomozawa Kakeizu Ryakuden (A Family Tree of Mitajiri Tomozawa Family), and “The History of Aoki Family (by Kazuko Hamazaki)” in “Towa-Town History Book; Formation of village” (1986).


 First, a daughter of Kanzaemon-I Ishizaki got married with Gen-etsu-I Aoki (1600-1670). She died in 1665.

 Next, Osaya, a daughter of Kanzaemon-II Ishizaki, got married with So-etsu-I Aoki (1633-1680), the second son of Gen-etsu (marriage between cousins). She died at the age of 77 in 1720, indicating that she was born in 1644. It means that she was a younger sister of So-emon Tomozawa, the originator of the Tomozawa Family born in 1623.

 Then, the youngest child of Sobei, the second son of So-emon Tomozawa, married into the Aoki Family and named So-etsu II. He got married with Oiwa (1708-1722), the daughter of Gensetsu (1672-1747), a son of So-etsu I. Thus, So-etsu II was a second cousin of Oiwa.


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