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Masato Katsuyama


Okikamuro island, roots

Shoya from Tomozawa Family

Masato Katsuyama    received Sep. 21st, 2018


 It was Tempo 2nd (1831) when Hikoshichi VIII took office as Shoya (Village chief) of Okikamuro for the first time from Tomozawa Family. According to the list of Shoya of Ohshima in 18th and 19th centuries, “Hikoshichi Tomozawa” was appointed to Shoya of Okikamuro from 1831 to 1841 and from 1845 to 1852. Hikoshichi VI, who seems to be the father of Hikoshichi VIII, died in 1831. Therefore, the Shoya Hikoshichi means Hikoshichi VIII.

 According to “Towa-Town History Book; Stone-built objects”, a dedicated inscription by Hikoshichi-Masaharu Tomozawa (Kaei 1st, 1848) was left in Shimoda Hachiman Shrine in Nishikata, Suoh-Ohshima-Town.


 Hanzaemon Tomozawa and Hanzaburo Tomozawa also served as Shoya of Okikamuro after Hikoshichi VIII.

 Hanzaemon served as Shoya of Heigun (1836-1841), Okikamuro (1842-1845), and Tononyu (1848-1852). He changed his name as Kisaku while he was Shoya of Tononyu.

 A dedicated inscription by Hanzaemon-Terumasa Tomozawa was left in Shimoda Hachiman Shrine. He may have been a younger brother of Hikoshichi VIII, because he served as Shoya of Okikamuro after Hikoshichi VIII. In addition, the name Terumasa has some resemblance to the name of Hikoshichi VIII, Masaharu.

 Hanzaburo served as Shoya of Nishikata, Yuramura-Sanjisho, and Okikamuro since 1852 just after Hanzaemon resigned Shoya of Tononyu.

  “Towa-Town History Book; Formation of village” contains a reference material concerning the history of Kamuro-Nishikata Village, which seems to be written on and after Showa 7th (1932). It contains the following record about Shoya of Okikamuro; “Tomozawa Family took over the position of Shoya from Ishizaki Family. Hikoshichi Tomozawa transferred the position of Shoya to his nephew Hanzaburo because he had no son. It is said that Tomozawa Family had a large estate that corresponds to the present hollow around Kadochu. Therefore, we can imagine how big it was at that time.” It was Kaei 5th (1852) when Hikoshichi VIII transferred the position of Shoya to Hanzaburo. At that time, Kyuhachi, the eldest son of Hikoshichi VIII, was only 15 years old. The fact is that he was too young to take over the position of Shoya. The above description, however, demonstrates that Hanzaburo was a nephew of Hikoshichi VIII and suggests that Hanzaemon was the father of Hanzaburo, and a younger brother of Hikoshichi VIII.

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