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Masato Katsuyama


Okikamuro island, roots

Kyuhachi Ninomiya and the fishery in Okikamuro in early Meiji period

Masato Katsuyama    received Sep. 10th, 2018


As reported previously, Kyuhachi was the 9th generation head of Okikamuro Tomozawa Family and then adopted into Yotsugu Ninomiya.

 In “Chapter 47; Reorganization of the military system in early Keio period” of “Bocho Kaitenshi Vol. 5; Record of Keio”, I found the record “South 11th Body, Yotsugu Ninomiya’s half party”. This “Yotsugu Ninomiya” seems to be into whom Kyuhachi was adopted.


 According to “Towa-Town History Book; Fishery”, a dispute arose around Meiji 11th (1878) about inshore fishing rights of Okikamuro. It seems that there was a conflict between fishermen and owners of fish preserves (brokers) whether or not they allowed fishermen from other regions to be engaged in fishery off Okikamuro.

 In those days, owners of fish preserves were assembly members representing Okikamuro at the same time. Kyuhachi was one of them, and his name was found in petitions to Yamaguchi Prefecture about fishing rights.

 On the other hand, fishermen in Suzaki wanted to nominate Hanzaburo Tomozawa as one of the keepers of the inshore fishery. It means that Hanzaburo was on the side of fishermen in opposition to owners of fish preserves. Hanzaburo was a cousin of Kyuhachi. In a sense, it was a confrontation among members of Tomozawa Family.

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