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About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part2)

Tomozawa family two branches

Masato Katsuyama    received July 12th, 2017

 Soemon-Noriaki (The Originator of Tomozawa) seemed to have three sons.


 His eldest son was Shirozaemon-Shigeaki. According to UkaShima Opening Story in Gon-ichi Ishizaki Document, he was involved in the development of UkaShima, one of small islands surrounding Suoh-Oshima, in 1681 (Genna 1st) (ref: The Study of Seto Inland Sea by Tsuneich Miyamoto). The second eldest son was Sobei. The youngest son was Shozaburo, who became the Originator of UkaShima-Ishizaki Family.

 Shirozaemon-Shigeake could not succeed his father as the head of the family because he died young, and his elder son Soemon (Sahei)-Masaaki succeeded family properties as the 2nd generation head. He promoted to Enkin-zuki rank in 1727 (Kyoho 12th) and had to move to Mitajiri (present Hofu-city), the navy base of Mohri clan.


 His adopted son Sadaaki, who is Kyuemon-Sadashige Hayashi’s 3rd eldest son (he seems to be a maternal grandson of The Originator Soemon-Noriaki) succeeded family’s properties as the 3rd generation. This family tree (Mitajiri main Family, Hagi-Tomozawa) continued to the age of Bakumatsu (End of Edo era) working for Mohri family.

 One of the four graves in Hakuseiji grave site, the most right-side one was the tombstone of ‘Reiyo-Rinho-Zenjoni’ written in Kako-cho (temple’s record book) as ‘Mother of Soemon’ or ‘Mother of Sahei’. She (a daughter of Ichizaemon-Naonobu Tsuda) is the first wife of Shirozaemon-Shigeaki, and the mother of Soemon-Masaaki. Therefore, it is possible that the large tombstone standing at the left side of her tombstone is of Shirozaemon-Shigeaki, even though the tomb letters cannot be read because of weathering.

 On the other hand, Hikoemon, a son of Sobei (the 2nd son of Soemon-Noriaki), became the 3rd generation head of Okikamuro-Tomozawa family. I think he succeeded the job for Gobansho (local guard station for Mohri clan). However, it’s unclear whether Hikoshichi IV (4th generation head of Okikamuro-Tomozawa family) was a son of Hikoemon because the family tree book is defunct. Graves for Sobei and Hikoemon do not exist in Kannondo grave area. In addition, Hikoemon had a son called ‘Choshiro Furuya’. His descendants succeeded ‘Furuya’ family name since then. The Kaimyo (pardon name) of Hikoemon does not have Ingo title (given to the very important person at that time). On the other hand, the mother of Hikoshichi IV was given the Ingo title ‘Jissoin’. Probably Ingo titles for her and The Originator Soemon-Noriaki were given in later period (I will explain about this in detail later). Her sole grave was built in Kannondo grave area. I believe that the father of Hikohichi IV is the 2nd generation head Soemon-Masaaki, who has an Ingo title. But the truth is uncertain.

  Deduced family tree to the 4th generation

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