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Masato Katsuyama


Okikamuro island, roots

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part1)

Originator of Tomozawa family, Soemon Noriaki

Masato Katsuyama    received June 25th, 2017

 My maternal grandfather Seiji Tomozawa was the second son of Isuke who is 10th generation of (Hikoshichi) Tomozawa family who was Shoya(village chief) in Okikamuro. My grand grandfather Isuke moved to Kobe from Okikamuro around 1901 (Meiji 34) just before his eldest son'n birth.
  Around 1985 (Showa 60) Tomozawa and his same family Ishizaki got together to make 'Ishizaki family history' book. And my grandfather Seiji was one of editors who made the Family history book.
I studied family history book and Towa town history book. I also visited Hakuseiji and Yamaguchi Prefecture Archives. I like to write about my ancestor history based on those knowledge. I like to submit a part of my knowledge in several times.


 Originator of Tomozawa family Soemon Noriaki was the eldest son of Second generation of Okikamuro Shoya(Village chief) Ishizaki Kanzaemon Munemasa. Soemon was called Sobei at his younger age. According to Mitajiri Tomozawa ( or Hagi Tomozawa) Family's 'Tomozawa Family history book' and 'Tomozawa Soemon Sadaaki family history book', Soemon changed his name when he was promoted to Mukyutsu-Senkyu position(a rank of samurai class) at 1645(Shoho 2nd). And he was promoted as Okuramoto-zuki position at 1667(Kanbun 7th).

 According to Kako-cho(Hakuseiji record book), he passed away at Dec.10th in 1695(Kanbun 8th) at age of 73. We can calculate that He was born in 1623. Kaimyo(Pardon name for buddhist) is Daikouin-Keiyo-Joan-koji('大幸院慶誉浄安居士').


 I visited Okikamuro island first time in my life at Aug. 18th 2015(Heisei 27th). Chief priest Shizuo Niiyama said that his father told him to take care especially the grave site of Tomozawa family. He guided me to some place in the hakuseiji grave site. At almost top of slope there were 4 old graves which were moved from original place when the grave site was renewed. On the left of center stone lantern, there was grave 'Keiyo-Joan-Koji' which is originator of Tomozawa family Soemon Noriaki's grave. There is no 'Daikoin' Ingo name. I think this Ingo name was added later(Ref. picture).

 Present Tomozawa family's graves are located at most top of Kannondo grave site area. There are only newer family's graves after 4th generation's mother. I was so impressed the fact that I could find and pray the grave of originator of my family Soemon Noriaki which No body in my relatives knows.

Tomozawa family graves in Hakuseiji grave site.(4 graves where center is stone lantern.)

Originator of Tomozawa Soemon Noriaki's tumbstone. (Keiyo Joan Koji)

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