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Alan Aoki

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Alan Aoki - 4th Generation from Kamuro Island

                                 Alan Aoki    received March, 13 2017


Alan Aoki
Alan Aoki・Carol Aoki


I am a 4th generation Japanese from Oshima and Okikamuro Island, and I was wondering if I could post a short history of my great-grandparents,Kikumatsu Aoki and Tome Hamada. I did my research by myself without knowing of this website or the Hawaii Kamuro Party.

I am the son to Victor Aoki, who is the son of Sunao Aoki, who is the son of Kikumatsu Aoki, who is the son of Chuujiro Aoki. I was able to find my ancestors graves by writing in kanji to several Yakuba in Yamaguchi-Ken.

Please check 'roots of Aoki family'


Thank you very much,

Alan Aoki

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