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Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

President of Towa-cho party



Yoshihiro Fujiwara                               recieved Aug. 31, 2017


 About 10 years before, one cockroach showed in my house at first time. That time was when about quarter century had been passed after building new house. Fortunately I could kill it immediately. However it triggered my fear that there must be at least 10 cockroaches if one cockroach is found. Soon I bought cockroach traps ‘gokiburi hoi hoi’ and placed those traps everywhere in my house.

 However, no cockroach was trapped after 10 days or 20 days. I thought ‘That cockroach must be jumped in my house from outside accidentally.’ And I decided that I took away the traps which are made by paper and they became obstacles in my home. I kept those in storage because the effect of drugs may be kept in strong enough for termite control.

 About 10 years has been passed since then, one night I found cockroach walking slowly in living room. I killed it immediately using slipper which I wore. One month later, I found it in kitchen this time. Again I hit it immediately. Now cockroaches are invading my house.

 Soon I pulled out the traps from the deep inside of storage space. I tested the effectiveness of the trap and found no problem. I placed the traps several important places in my house. However, for several months from that, expectations were vain and "customers" never showed up.

 The cockroach is considered as extraordinary strong vitality creature. It is said that even if there is a nuclear war in the whole world, only cockroaches can survive. They can survive 30 to 40 days without water. Microorganism living together inside the body is used as recycle system which is very similar to ‘nuclear fuel recycle’ and so they can survive easily.

 I heard that many cases that people keep them as pet or edible in overseas. I think they are trying to utilize such strong vitality. They do not mediate specific diseases, so it seems that if they can maintain even the breeding environment cleanly enough. But those living in the environment like kitchen are highly possible to accumulate poison material inside the body. Therefore it’s better to consider it’s very dangerous.

 By the way, why people hate them so much in Japan? I do feel same. I immediately hit them to kill when I saw it. Many kinds of traps and drug for them are sold. However, if you think carefully, colors and shapes should not be much different from those of cricket, gengoro etc.

 Even so, I do not want cockroaches to stay in house after all. In this incident, I could not see new customers eventually, but I decided to keep the unused "gokiburi Hoi Hoi" until the next opportunity.

  (Yoshihiro Fujiwara Aug. 31, 2017)

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