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Masatomo Yagi

Masatomo Yagi

President of Tokyo Kamuro Party


Straight question at Kansai Kamuro party in 2011

Masatomo Yagi                                  received July 7th, 2011

I've took an train at ChibaNewtown station 7:04 Sunday morning for attending Kansai kamuro Party at Osaka Keihan Hotel Tenmabashi. Eventhought Bullet train arrived at ShinOsaka station at scheduled time, I barely made it in time because I spend too much time at transfering from Midoshuji line to Keihanhonsen line.
50 or more participants' hall was filled to vigor, and when the party also became halfway, it was hardly reconize talking in ordinary voice. My throught was painfull to next day after using loud voice. I met many members and asked to post their Essay's to Okikamuro.com.
When prof. Manami Yasui's speach about Okikamuro island research became almost to end, one guy who is right next to me and running electoric installation firm, asked about the most difficult question about Okikamuro for long time.
'How can we make okikamuro island more prosper as before?'
Unfortunately, no body has answer for this question and Prof.'s answer was drowned in the voice of around.
This guy again asked to similar question to chief priest Shizuo Niiyama. 'What plan do you have to recover Okikamuro island business. Your father(former chief priest) made effort to establish woodworking firm.'
He pitched super strong straight ball questions repeatedly. Many member had puzzled feeling. However this question affected many member's mind. Unfortunately, there is no magic bat nor super batter to hit this straight ball.
This is first time to hear that former chief priest tried to make woodworking firm and trained young people in Okikamuro. My grand father was ship carpenter and he owned Ship building firm, my uncle Mitsuo was also carpenter and former President of Tokyo Kamuro party, Akira Nakayama was carpenter also. These may be result of the fact that Hakuseiji temple was trying to train young people for woodworking technology.
I asked very similar questions to Mr.Kanai who is chairman of Okikamuro island residents' association and he was sitting next to me.

I'How many is the present Okikamuro island populatin?'
Mr.Kanai'Probably, it is about 170'
I'is it almost bottom considering U turn and I turn people? or will it decrease?'
Mr.Kanai 'I think it will decrese.'
I 'Almost all people is working as fisherman. How is the fishing business.'
Mr.Kanai'Fish resourse around Okikamuro is getting smaller and smaller. Because somebody illegally uses fish net with small mesh.'
I 'Okikamuro fisherman catches fish with ''Ippon Tsuri''(1 line fishing) method. Why cann't they stop fishing with nets.'
Mr.Kanai 'It's not that easy. And now the fish price is very low.'
I 'How about selling directly to consumer.'
Mr.Kanai 'We do not have enough fishing for direct sale. it's barely enough all fishermen' fishing for fisherman union.'
I 'What if we can sell fish directly as much as we can fish?'
Mr.Kanai 'I do not have enough information for it.'
I 'It's may not easy to make that kind system. Is Mr.Shigenori Okubo working well. He has just went back to Okikamuro island.'
Mr.Kanai 'Yes, He is fishing actively. however fishing result is not so good.'

There is no easy way to recover Okikamuro island's prosperity as before at once. If many people keep thinking about okikamuro island and support Okikamuro island, there should be something which shows up the way Okikamuro island goes to. I believe Okikamuro.com web page has value for that meaning.
Many members has not returned to Okikamuro island for recent years. We are very busy working day by day. We feel that we are drifting away from Okikamuro island far and far. I feel such way also.
I want to live in Kamuro some time in future. Or I want stay at least one week in a year at Okikamuro where I spent in childhood at summer vacation. I want spend time seeing the inland sea over Susaki port.
As much as possible, I like to upload on the web those are information of Okikamuro, member's talk, member's research, member's thinking and member's essay. I hope many visitors visit Okikamuro island as a result.
Because, Okikamuro island has brilliant history which many professor's of many university are interested in. Because, Many people who has 'Okikamuro spirit' DNA are working actively all over the country and overseas. Masatomo Yagi July 13th 2011

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