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Marie Otani

Marie Otani 

Mrei Otani

President of Hawaii Kamuro Club, Honolulu


The unexpected death of Bishop Narashiba

Marie Otani                                                                recieved Sep. 28, 2018

The unexpected death of Bishop Narashiba was shocking. He was so important to the revival of the Hawaii Kamurokai. We will miss him very much.

Mr. Yamada submitted very nice pictures from last year's Hawaii Okikamurokai party. Here are a few more.

The Hawaii Kamurokai is having their gathering on Saturday, September 29. I will try my best to send you the photos and recap right away this time.


Laura Ruby


Laura Ruby, Art Kimura






Lunch time


(Those pictures are added into the page of Hawaii Kamuro Club in 2017)

Marie Otani

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