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Marie Otani

Marie Otani 

Mrei Otani

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Hawaii gannenmono documentary on NHK World-Japan

Marie Otani                                                                recieved June 28, 2018

Mr. Shirokane informed you about the NHK program for which my uncle, my cousin, and I were interviewed about the 150th anniversary of the gannenmono arrival in Hawaii. I was able to see the program in April in Hawaii! It was on the TVJapan pay channel. It was very interesting and sometimes emotional. I didn't know about many of these stories.

Here were two stories that related to Okikamuro. One story about a nisei returning to Okikamuro with her mother's ashes was in part 1, and the Matsujiro Otani family story was in part 2. Both stories show interviews with people in Okikamuro.

I have been informed that they have made an English-subtitled version and it will be shown on the NHK World-Japan channel! Luckily, this channel is available on their Website as well! This means people around the world can watch the program!

This is the information on part 1.


It also includes the times it will be shown in the viewer's location. For example, in Hawaii, the dates and times are as follows:

Part 1: June 30, 1:10 PM and 7:10 PM   July 1, 1:10 AM and 7:10 AM
Part 2: July 7, 1:10 PM and 7:10 PM      July 8, 1:10 AM and 7:10 AM

This is the page that gives the schedule. Click on the date for the schedule for that day.


This is the Web page where the program can be seen live.


This is how to see the program on smart devices and other means.


I believe that the program will be available on the NHK Website for a short time after the broadcast.

Also, the program will be shown on the Hawaii Public TV station.

Part 1: July 2, 5:00 PM
Part 2: July 9, 5:00 PM

This is a wonderful chance for English-speaking Okikamuro descendants to see Kamuro as it is now, and to learn about Nikkei in Hawaii.

Thank you.
Marie Otani

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