okikamuro island fan club, 沖家室島ファンクラブ|Kamuro party かむろ会

Cultrue of Okikamuro island

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Present culture, past cultue. we like to record okikamuro cultures as many as poosible. If you have any information about Okikamuro culture, tradition and custom, please send the information to okikamuro.com.

Okikamuro island from sky in 2018. (photo by Kusatsu Japan Co. Hiro Nishimura.)

Okikamuro island photo by Kusatsu Japan. Photo from this altitude can be only taken from motor paraglider.

#1 Okikamuro view from motor paraglider

#2 Honura of Okikamuro

#3 Honura and Susaki of Okikamuro

#4 Hakuseiji from sky

#5 Susaki of Okikamuro

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