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Yoshihiro Fujiwara

Yoshihiro Fujiwara

President of Towa-cho party


Tax payment to home town ‘Furusato nouzei’

Yoshihiro Fujiwara                            recieved Jan. 5, 2017


  Almost half of century have passed since leaving home town. I believe that I have done filial piety to my parents normally. However, I haven’t done anything to the environments which is my home town where I grew up. Is it okay if I do not care for it as it is? Tax payment to home town may be the thing which ease the feeling sorry to my home town. From such things, I have been paying tax to home town local government using this tax payment rule since it started, even though the amount is not so large.


  I like to explain about the steps which I actually have done for tax payment to home town. Brochure was distributed using many occations which will include home town group meeting. After filling up the application form which is attached to the brochure, I sent this form to my home town local government office using fax. The home town government office sent back the bank transfer sheet. I sent money so much value I wanted to pay using the transfer sheet at post office. Local government office sent back to me the receipt and thanks letter. At the same time, I received the refund goods from the local vendor ordered by Local government office. At the timing of the tax return, I report tax return form to the government including the tax payment value to home town.


 Tax payment to home town is started to help people living in big city to pay donation to poor local town as much as possible. Person who donated can have benefit at tax return for promoting this rule. Actually tax reduction which value is same amount of donated amount between 2000 yen to some high limit is allowed at tax return. People can donate to 5 different local organization at maximum. Refund goods will be sent to the donor from the donated local government.


 Volume and usage of tax payment to home town announced by my home town is like this. Year 2013, 170 donations 3.93million yen. Year 2014, 286 donations 7.52 million yen. Year 1015, 320 donations 7.49million yen. Those donated money is used for buying 22 sets of ipad to use in junior high school education at year 2014. This cost was 1.39 million yen. And at year 2015, setting disaster monitoring camera at 4 locations in 2nd class big river in the town to prevent water disaster. This cost was 4.96 million yean.


  As long as reading this report, we can understand the situation that volume is quite small and people who has real supporting sprit are making donation. However recently there are many local government which are trying to collect large amount of donation from the people who has no relation to the local government promising many attractive refund goods. Top group of those local governments are collecting donations like more than 100 millions of yen. People donate expecting to get refund goods on purpose.


 Present boom of ‘Paying tax to home town’ became so big that the purpose of the tax is off the rail largely and people who donate and those who receive donation are appearing like a lump of greed. I think timing is close when this rule is reconsidered


  (Yoshihiro Fujiwara Jan. 5th, 2017)

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