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Masatomo Yagi

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Gourmet Report 'Setsuki Kamuro Tai'

Straight question at Kansai Kamuro party in 2011


Gourmet Report 'Setsuki Kamuro Tai'

Masatomo Yagi                                  received Oct. 10th, 2011

kamuro tai

I and my wife traveled to Okikamuro island for Sept. 14th thru 18th in 2011 by car. I felt strong impression about 3 items in this travel. 1st thing is that Okikamuro island is very calm and gracefull village rather than ‘ghost village’ which I worried for years. 2nd fact is that young owner couple who are running small house inn (Minshuku) where we stayed two days has very vivid eyes to look over the Okikamuro’s bright future. 3rd fact is that my new Hybrid car proved very low gasoline consumption.
If I look back to time up to childhood, I went back to Okikamuro house many many times which I can’t count. And I was served very good and fresh fish dish by my family member or relatives.
However, this time is the first time I eat “Kamuro Tai’ (sea bream caught by line fishing around Okikamuro island.) as professional chef’s cooking and I felt impressive good taste. I think this “Kamuro Tai” dishes is much better than high class gourmet restaurant or high class hotel restaurant in Tokyo or Kyoto.
This is some kind of shocking experience which is enough value to visit Okikamuro from far away just for “Kamuro Tai” dishes. “Koyosho” is the small house inn which we stayed while in Okikamuro. Dinner served by “Koyosho” was full course Fish dishes mostly cooking of Kamuro fish.
Main dish is “Kamuro Tai” sashimi and I was impress by each dish. Especially I like to recommend as follows. “Kamuro Tai” sahimi, baked “Chidai” with salt, squid sashimi, “Tai Meshi”(rice cooked with Tai) and fried “Aji”.
We stayed two nights at “Koyosho” and above recommends are served in two day’s dinner course. Nakamichi owner of the inn goes to fish every day at 4 o’clock in the morning and he serves fresh fish for dinner.
Of course, Fresh “Kamuro Tai” Sashimi is very good because it is cooked while fish is living. There is the best kind among the good “Kamuro Tai” Sashimi’s.
“Setsuki Kamuro Tai” is told much better than normal “Kamuro Tai”. The “Kamuro Tai” Sashimi which I ate was the “Setsuki Kamuro Tai”. No wonder, It was so good. And I was told that catching “Setsuki Kamuro Tai” is not easy so that it might not be served every day.
And also best season for “Kamuro Tai” is Winter not Summer. “Now, it’s Summer. Woo! I had to visit Okikamuro in Winter”. The best “Kamuro Tai” must be “in Winter”, ”caught by line fishing” and “Setsuki”.
And also this “Kamuro Tai” dish is completed successfully when good professional chef cooks in Okikamuro island.
“population is 170, 40 fisher men and fishing boats, 2 house inns, 2 fishing boat builders, one electric shop” That is my understanding for the present business or industry scale of the whole Okikamuro island.
And only two inns are quite active at present. Talking about the conclusion of the future Okikamuro business, the tourist industry which based on fishing around Okikamuro is most possible to be successful industry.
Actually two inns in Okikamuro is running very successfully and the first person started inn business in Okikamuro is Shoji Matsumoto is running business more than 20 years.
“Ippon Turi” (fishing by line) and “Kamuro Tai” (Kamuro’s sea bream) that are the main appeals for tourist.
This tourist industry might help stopping population decrease of Okikamuro island.
What we, Kamuro party member, can do is visiting Okikamuro island as many as possible. Most member thinks that is not possible because we are so busy every day for keeping present life.
I think it’s ok to trip to Okikamuro once every 3 to 5 years. Number of member is more than several times bigger than 170, and if we add number of friends of the member, the number must be the size which affects tourist industry in Okikamuro.
Okikamuro gives unusall experience and relax feeling so that many tourist visted Okikamuro first time became repeat customer for Okikamuro culture and nature and history.
This time, I and my wife returned to Kamuro for visting my family grave site and for asking to Hakuseiji temple to keep some of old family Ancestral tablets. Yagi’s house in Okikamuro is need to repair for staying nights. “Tai no Sato” inn which was runned by one of my relatives was full of reservation.
I stayed two nights at “Koyosho”. The Owner of this inn is 35 years old young man who has bright eye and is not so many even in Tokyo.
He is an ambitious entrepreneur and advocate “sixth industries” (one business covers primary industries plus 2nd industries plus 3rd industries. Goes Fishing and cooks the fish he caugh and serves customer at his inn. He is also providing learning experience of fishing and farming).
He has two child and his wife is a daughter of “Sushi” restaurant owner chef. He goes fishing and his wife cooks for customer of their inn.
It is a married couple who bet on the future life of Okikamuro island. I came back to the house in Chiba while thinking about that I want to support as much as possible the "Koyosho" inn which is contributing for the tourist industry in Okikamuro.
informations of 'Koyosho' inn、'Tai no sato' inn are shown this page。 Masatomo Yagi Oct. 10, 2011

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